Are harmonics pretentious?

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Are harmonics pretentious?

Notapor Williamhawk » Vie Nov 03, 2017 1:42 pm


After reading a recent conversation about a song in the songwriting forum, I am rethinking some life choices. It appears that guitar harmonics can be a red flag that someone is pretentious and also could be a potential sign that someone is a total loser. As a guitarist who occasionally uses harmonics, I am now wondering if perhaps I have been a pretentious loser the entire time and didn't even know it! I mean- I can handle being a loser for entirely different reasons. But pretentiousness? Man that really sucks! I feel like I should just go the rest of the way now and install an incense burner at the end of my guitar and start making sex faces every time I bend a note. You know- Like pretentious losers do. Sorry if anyone in here does that btw. You're probably not pretentious or a loser.

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